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Dan Frey The Wise Size Slim Fitness Guru


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This is it, time to get results

  • Separated by Weekly Challenges (ie. water week)
  • Daily Fitness Goals (ie. bike 25 minutes)
  • Daily Diet Tips (ie. no soda pop
  • Grocery Store Lists 
  • Recommended Meal Plan
  • Motivational Reminders when we're weakest

Here's My Story

My journey started off with my brother. He fell in love with the legends of our day. Legends such as Arnold and Lee Labrada, were his inspiration. Being the athlete of the family, where I was the overweight younger brother, he chose to share his new passion with me. At the time it didn't take to well. It wasn't until I was in mid twenties that I found my passion for fitness. I was 23 years old, 230 pounds and not happy with how I looked. I started my training with a great personal trainer, who saw more in me at the time then I did. He showed me form and function and focused me on my diet. In the first two months, I went from benching 135# to 325# and grew. This started my phase as a powerlifter.

One of my other passions is knowledge. I don't want to know a little about a subject, I want to know everything. I began to study training and the techniques of training. At this point I began receiving my fitness certifications. Currently I hold nine total certifications. The key I found is to build with the basics. The basics of fitness will never change. Diet is key and form is more important than weight when lifting.

As I got older the concept of training has changed. The days of getting bigger seem to not be as important as being happy with how I feel and look. I spend most of my time out helping other people achieve their goals of a happier, healthier lifestyle. Teaching them the tools that I spent a lifetime learning and how to use them in their lives. Making sure they understand that even when you fail, you can learn something from it and build from the basics again.

Thanks so much, everyone! I’m looking forward to working with you!

Dan Frey