Adam LambRetired Professional BodyBuilder


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Here's My Story

I fell in love with health and fitness at a very young age. I remember as a young child the two brothers that lived next door. They were high school guys and were both built like Arnold my favorite movie star. In my early teens I began skateboarding, snowboarding and BMX racing. That was where my determination to compete was began to build. When I think of all the hours spent learning a trick like a 360 kick flip, fail after fail and you just get back up and try again! It was up to me to decide how good I wanted to be at those sports. The whole “You vs You” was born then and I wanted to be the best.

As I got a bit older I found myself more interested in girls instead of bikes and boards. It felt like it wasn’t super cool to skateboard and ride your bike once you can drive a car. Eventually I took a weight training class my junior year in high school and I fell in love! I wanted to learn everything I could about being big and strong. I remembered my neighbors as a young kid and figured I could do that too. By the end of my junior year I had won 2 bench press contests and decided I needed to get into a real gym.

I got a job working at the Powerhouse Gym near my house cleaning machines and scrubbing bathrooms for a free membership. Some of the guys that trained there were absolute beasts, especially to a 5’ 9 150lb kid on the floor cleaning up chalk. Funny, that's when I wanted to be a personal trainer. I was only 17 but learning as much as I could about working out and nutrition. I started by training people on the football team at the gym after high school.

After a couple years of that I got bored of training and was offered a chance to work in the night club industry. Being at the gym all day long either behind the desk or training clients just about made me stop working out entirely. I began working in bars, and restaurants for the next few years. Working in that toxic environment I lost touch with lifting and might have hit chest or arms once every 10 days. I loved my year’s bartending, but those late nights of bad food and too much drinking really set me back.

My now wife was into working out so she dragged me back into the routine. After a short time I was making some decent gains. One day I was hanging out with one of my old bar buddies and he asked “What’s the point of looking like you do? Why don’t you do something with it?” After he said that I really started thinking about how I could apply my dedication to training.

I decided to start researching bodybuilding shows. After a few months of research into the NPC I was mentored by local IFBB Pro, John Simmons, to help guild me through the process to my first show. The process was intense, but gratifying. When you can see weekly progress its very exciting, especially knowing I was 100% responsible for my results.

As time went on I competed nationally in bodybuilding, gained a sponsorship with a highly recognized supplement company and continued to become more involved in the industry. Shortly into that part of my career I suffered a pretty major injury that forced me to shift unwanted gears. I went from pressing 150lb dumbbells to 50lb dumbbells overnight…

After consulting with some friends in the industry it was recommended that I try a new division in the NPC called Men’s Physique. It was more of a male fitness model look and definitely a healthier option than bodybuilding. After a couple years of competing in that level, I placed fairly well but began to lose my excitement for the stage. I was spending a lot more time coaching others and really enjoyed that more than competing myself. I think my inner passion for helping others really began there.

It felt great to support and teach other aspiring athletes the ropes of fitness competitions. I loved the health and fitness industry but had to spend most of my focus on my day job as a portfolio manager for a major retail lender. Eventually I began researching how to start and grow a business in the health and fitness industry.

In 2012 I partnered with a doctor group to begin New Era Health Group. We developed a company that helped men and women in their late 30s-40s with hormone issues and nutrition problems. It was rewarding to help people that have completely lost hope.

In the summer of 2014 I met SizeSlim co-founder Matt Collins. I had always wanted to launch a supplement line that was a little different than current products on the market. We wanted to create products that were highly effective, but safe and comfortable for everyone. We were obsessed with user experience and assisting in customers fitness lifestyle goals. We built each product individually and spent months testing before anything was ready for market. Now it's about providing motivational solutions along with high quality products to help those who lost their way.