Which type of Protein is best for you?

Even though there is never a substitute for whole foods, sometimes we have to add in supplements to make sure we are getting our required nutrients each day. One of the biggest decisions is which is the best proteins to add into your diet.

Picking a protein is one of the more interesting challenges people have when they decide to use supplementation. Something that sounds like it would be easy seems to get really complicated. Why does it become complicated? There are several types and kinds of protein available and in the end the taste is not always the most important thing.

These days the list of protein types and sources is ever expanding. Things like hemp and pea protein are becoming more mainstream. Does that mean this is the best type? Not necessarily. If we look at different types of protein and reasons for using them for we can figure out what is best for us. As with any changes and supplements this would all depend on your training and diet plan.


Soy Protein

This protein source would be from the soybean. Soy protein is not that big in the fitness  field, but does have a place for those that want to follow a vegan lifestyle. Soy comes with the added benefits of higher levels of glutamine which is known for gut health, BCAAs and the amino acid Arginine which is a vasodilator.  Soy also has isoflavones  which can lower cholesterol and can also boost the thyroid. These are usually lower in calories around 130 calories per serving.


Hydrolysate Protein

Unfortunately one of the most expensive proteins on the market hydrolyzed proteins are known for higher than average quality. It is also known to be more bioavailable than whey and easier on the digestive system.


Egg Protein

This protein is made from the whites or albumin of the egg. This protein usually comes in liquid form and is high in amino acids. Many protein blends include it due to the amino acid profile. In liquid form it can be drank or cooked. These proteins have an average of 150 calories per serving.


Casein Protein

Casein is known mostly to be used at night as it is more slow burning than whey. Casein takes between 5 – 7 hours to break down completely which is why it makes a great night time snack. This protein will keep the body fed throughout the night. Casein can also be used during the day to keep your body full when eating isn’t as accessible. Casein proteins usually have around 180 calories per serving.


Whey Concentrate

Also known as whey protein this is one of the most regularly seen proteins. Whey is low cost and easy to manufacture which makes it one of the more used and abundant proteins. Many brands come out with these as a quick way to get into the protein field with a low cost product. The average on whey proteins can range from 130 calories per serving on up depending on what you get in it and if it blends several types with the whey.



These days proteins from hemp to soy and everything in between has been hitting the market. Some are blends of several types of proteins. The usual amino acid and protein complex is less than normal, but in the last year or so they have become more competitive in profile and price. These are usually good for vegetarians and lactose intolerant people.


Whey Isolates: Whey isolates are the quickest absorbing proteins that are made. These isolates are better for people with digestion issues as they are made to be easier to digest. Though they are a little more expensive than the regular whey they are usually lower in calories and carbs as well as sugar. This makes them one of the best proteins for people on low carb as well as reduced calories diets. With the latest flavorings you will be less likely to even notice the difference. This protein can be used at any time and is the usually choice for people training to use for its faster digestion of proteins. Whey Isolates are usually good for both people with digestion issues and lactose intolerant people. These are usually the lower end of calories 100-130.


There are a lot of choices you will have to make when entering into a healthier lifestyle. Deciding what will be the best in supplementation for you is going to be one of the more difficult. The decision to add protein should be easy to make as it makes meeting your nutrient requirements easier and more convenient. When choosing the right protein for you take into consideration what your goals are and how often you will use it. Then look at the numbers of calories, fats, carbs and protein. When looking at these, make sure their numbers match what you are looking for in a protein. Lastly, look at flavors as you should enjoy drinking your shake while knowing you are staying on track! Thankfully Sizeslim’s Salted Caramel has an amazing flavor and only 106 calories. With no fillers, fat, carbs and sugar this is a win no matter what your training plan is.

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