There are many preworkouts on the market today. Each one will claim to be the best and most powerful. The best way to get the best one for you is to know what ingredients you need and what each does. One of the best ingredients to include is B-Alanine.

B-Alanine is also known as Beta-Alanine or BA. This is a free form amino acid that is considered non essential except in the fitness world. Beta-Alanine raises what is known as Carnosine levels in the body. When raising Carnosine levels in the body you can increase the amount of stress and endurance the body can take during resistance training. Some of the other benefits of Carnosine is it being a powerful anti-oxidant as well as has some effect on fat loss.

One of the most physical effects of Beta-Alanine is that it produces what is known as the tingles. This is technically called acute paresthesia. At doses of 800 to 1200mg this is moderate and not dangerous and lasts usually around 30 minutes. When doses are between 1500 to 3000mg the effects are more intense and can last much longer. These higher doses are still not dangerous, but still not recommended at one time.

With the key factors of increasing the ability for the body to handle physical stress is why most Preworkouts include it in their ingredient panels. Even at minimal doses it has a physical impact on the amount of work the body can do. In this respect more is not always better.

Some other synergistic ingredients that can be paired with Beta-Alanine are Arginine and Citrulline which are both vasodilators or ingredients that increase blood flow. Pairing these ingredients gives the body that “pump” feeling or the physical feeling of being able to increase your bodies work load.

Beta-Alanine is a well used ingredient in most preworkout profiles. This can be seen in Size Slim Pre Workout. The ingredients are designed to work together to give you the maximum effects with the least amount of extrenous ingredients or jitters.

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