There are a great number of herbs and minerals that are used in today’s supplements. Some have only a few small benefits while others have more diverse uses. One of these herbs is Schizandra. Schizandra has its origins in the Chinese culture as being a tonic herb. It is one of their 50 major herbs that they use to treat a variety of illnesses. This berry has been known to be used to treat people with Central Nervous System issue, Endocrine issues as well as Cardiovascular, Gastrointestinal and Immune deficiencies. But where does this herb have a place in the fitness world?

There are a few great aspects to supplementing with Schizandra. The first part is that it works as an adaptogen. What that means is that instead to pushing your body in one way or another it works to balance the body instead. This gives the body a chance to build in what it truly instead of false strength from over done supplements. An example of this would be someone who used it for issues with their stomach acid. It would work for someone with too much or too little. This herb also gives the body the ability to help the body with the increased stress and load work of fitness training. By helping the body to handle the increased stress of fitness training it give the user the ability to push beyond their limits and make more progress. Another aspect of Schizandra is how it effects the Cardiovascular system. Schizandra helps promote healthy heart function by helping increase the performance and aiding in blood flow, breathing and reducing blood pressure.

With these key aspects it is seen that the inclusion of Schizandra can be very beneficial in a supplement. This is key in our Focus + Stamina Pre-Workout. With the mix of herbs in this formula the Schizandra works synergistically to give you increased energy and the ability to handle more work and stress on the body. With the other key benefits it continues to positively affect the body after the workout is done.

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