There are several amino acids that can be used by the fitness enthusiast to help build lean muscle. Of these one of the most prominent is Leucine. Leucine is known as a Branched Chain Amino Acid or BCAA. These are used by many when fasting between meals. One of the most effective ways to take in Leucine is in the Metabolite HICA. HICA stands for L-α-hydroxyisocaproic acid. A Metabolite is the end product from degradation of the Leucine.

What does HICA do that is going to help someone engaged in fitness activity?  HICA aids in a simple process of binding to the waste which includes amonia and lactic acids that are created during long training sessions. These waste products will essentially create the fatigue most feel during training and increases DOMS or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. By decreasing the onset of fatigue it will allow you to train longer and have greater gains in lean mass. At the same time by decreasing DOMS, this allows you to train more often without the soreness of the last workout slowing you down. HICA also aids in keeping the cell in a neutral state by keeping the waste products moving out of the cell it creates space for a larger amount of Leucine that the body can use for recovery.

The use of Leucine in supplementation products can be very useful to the fitness enthusiast. Our Intra/Post Training Replenish + Rebuild includes HICA as well as the Leucine for the decrease of DOMS and giving the body a full dose of Leucine for the body to use for recovery. With the help of HICA, Replenish + Rebuild has been shown to :

  • Prolong athletic performance
  • Stimulate muscle protein synthesis (Recovery) and reduce muscle soreness
  • Maintain hydration and immunity health
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