The Top 4 Foods for Digestive Health

When dieting there is always the question of what are the best foods to eat, and which are actually going to hurt your progress. Some foods that you may think are good for you, like certain types of health foods may actually be impeding your weight loss. These foods can also affect the way your digestive tract works.

So how do you know which foods are good and bad for your diet? Are fruits bad for your digestive health? Can you eat some fried foods and still lose weight? If the package says diet or low fat is it better for you?

These are all tough questions for someone who is just beginning their lifestyle change, so how do you answer these? The truth is that some foods in moderation can be ok, but it really depends on how much and how active you are.



Which foods will definitely hurt your digestive health when eaten regularly?


High-Fat Foods

These are foods such as fried foods and some deli meats. Fried foods are cooked using high fat methods. This would be either plant oils or animal fats such as lard. The oils the enter your digestive tract where they can cause conditions such as acid reflux or heartburn. An even more intense situation is when the body cannot fully digest the fats and it is removed in the waste. This is called steatorrhea or when there is excessive fats in the stool.


Chili Peppers

Besides being a great form of thermogenic, this spicy pepper adds a lot of flavor to foods. The main issue behind eating these peppers on a daily basis is the heat they produce. These peppers can cause digestive issues for those with heartburn or IBS.



Dairy can be on both sides of the spectrum. It is great for the body, since it adds proteins, calcium, and many other vitamins to your daily intake. The issue is with the increasing number of people who are lactose intolerant as well as people who have Celiac or Crohn’s disease. These illnesses tend to affect the intestinal tract and make it more difficult for someone to digest dairy.



Most of us enjoy a nice drink on an occasional basis. Alcohol affects the blood, mind, muscles, and digestion in many ways. Alcohol tends to inflame the lining of the stomach which in turn affects the amount of enzymes that are released into the stomach. This reduction in enzymes will slow the digestion of foods and reduce the absorption of nutrients.  Too much alcohol can have other affects on the digestive tract leading to cramping and diarrhea.


What are the foods that can aid in digestive health?



Aside from  being a tasty treat, (stick to the Greek versions without added sugar), this creamy food is loaded with health bacteria that is known as probiotics. The live and active cultures will replenish those that are removed from the stomach during digestion and aid the stomach in its natural functions.


Fermented Vegetables

These foods like kimchi and sauerkraut, are both made with cabbage. Cabbage naturally promotes the growth of healthy bacteria in the colon. This, coupled with the fiber content of cabbage, can also aid the body in the removal of waste and keeping the bowel regular.



This yellow fruit has the ability to not only supply the body with potassium and electrolytes, but can also aid with digestive health. Bananas have two key features that make them great for digestion. The first being their high fiber content. At around 3 grams of fiber per banana, it can help the body with waste removal. Bananas also have the ability to aid the body in restoring normal bowel functions. This will benefit those who tend to be plagued with diarrhea.


Detox Products

These products are designed to aid the body in regaining the edge on digestive health and elimination of waste. They are usually packed with ingredients such as psyllium husk which is used by the body to latch on to the byproducts in the body and aid in removing them. It is more known as a bulk laxative and can increase the amount of each elimination which overall aids in weight loss. Senna which is in many of these products also aids with a laxative effects. Other additions to these products may include probiotics  and additional fibers.


Raw Cheese

Believe it or not, raw cheeses like aged cheeses and goat cheese are surprisingly high in probiotics. Always buy these cheeses raw and not pasteurized to receive all of the probiotic benefits.


Making sure that your digestive tract is working at its peak capacity is very important. Everything from wellness to weight loss is dependant upon how well this system works. By eliminating some foods and increasing the amount of healthier foods in your diet, you can aid the body in increasing the effectiveness of this system. The greatest impact will be made by what you add to your diet each day. Whether you choose a detox product or add some probiotics to your meal plan, adding in one or both can only assist the natural functions of your system.

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