The 0 Calorie All-Natural Sweeter

No Need For Artificial Sweeteners!

Food additives have been around since the late 19th century. The sad truth is, however, that the use of additives has increased dramatically over the years; and to make matters worse, they have little to no nutritional value to a food. Some can even be considered downright dangerous.


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Additives that were once considered safe in the past are now banned or labeled with warnings. Artificial ingredients are used in today’s food products to enhance food taste, extend flavors and appearance shelf life, and to speed up mass production.


And, it’s surprising how prevalent they are!


Take a look in your cabinets – I bet you’ll find a few of these substances like Aspartame and Sucralose; commonly found in most soft drinks and used in products everyone that use to replace sugar and artificial colors.


Although Aspartame and Sucralose additives are used in small amounts, it’s estimated that the average American consumes five pounds of additives like this per year. That number can increase from the consumption of processed foods.


A safe and natural substitute for sugar can come from the herb Stevia, which comes readily available in liquid or small packet form.  


Stevia is derived from the leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana plant and is considered an all-natural sweetener. It adds a sweet tasting flavor and is considered safe to use in mass consumption. Stevia is a favorite for people with Type 1 diabetes as there are zero adverse side effects or phantom increases in blood sugar as a result of Stevia consumption.


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Another 100% all-natural sugar substitute is called Monk Fruit (or Luo Han Guo). Monk Fruit sweetener is produced by removing the skin of the fruit. Once this is done, the collection of skin is crushed to form a liquid or powder sweetener. Monk Fruit is roughly 175 times sweeter than sugar and is an outstanding natural sweetener for sports nutrition products!


Stevia is used in SizeSlim Pre-Workout and SizeSlim Recovery. The SizeSlim Recovery product also uses Monk Fruit for sweetener and can be found here.


Fun Fact: Farmers in Europe used to put Phenols in meat to prevent spoilage.




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