Schisandra Berries: Better Sleep, Less Stress, and Better Skin

Found and used in China for many centuries, Schisandra berries have been the forefront of Chinese medicine for many years. Schisandra is known for its sweet, bitter, salty, and sometimes pungent flavor and has many health benefits including high antioxidant levels. They are also known for having the primary Chinese life energies Jing, Qi and Shen. These three life energies have been known for their ability to restore vitality and extend life. Energy aside, these little berries pack a number of health benefits including:



Not only is Schisandra full of antioxidants but also has amazing anti-inflammatory properties. These antioxidants help support cellular functions and provide protection against aging with a combination of antioxidants and their ability to attack free radicals.


Sleep Disorders and Stamina

Schisandra has displayed the ability to increase stamina and mental clarity. It helps the body reduce the levels of fatigue and improves the body’s ability to increase physical strength and endurance levels. On the reverse side Schisandra has the ability to decrease anxieties and stressors in the body leading to a person’s ability to relax enough to rest.


Sexual Function

Schisandra has the ability to increase the body’s function and help the body run better overall. This increase in functions includes the ability for the libido to work normally or at an increased level.


Menopausal Symptoms

This amazing berry supports the adrenals and helps the ability for proper hormone balance.  Schisandra also has the ability to reduce the risk or any issues with menopausal cardiovascular issues. Lastly, Schisandra helps to increase blood vessel health and aids in increasing blood flow.


Brain Activity

The benefits to the brain include the ability to give the brain an amazing “energy boost”. It achieves this by stimulating the central nervous system and increasing focus. Some studies have been shown to aid in the help of adults with ADHD. The use of supplementing with this berry increases concentration and overall memory. It can also promote increased mental functions and the brains ability to become more productive.


Liver Support

Supplementing with Schisandra has been shown to help the liver in the protection of harmful toxins. This berry helps the body remove unwanted toxins from the liver, including those from radiation and other possible chemicals. It can even help support the treatment of some liver diseases including hepatitis.



Using and supplementing with Schisandra can help decrease the effects of stress in the body. The berry’s adaptive ability can help the body cope as stressors attack the body. By helping decrease the stressors in the body it has been shown to also reduce blood pressure. One of the other abilities of this berry is its ability to help the adrenals function properly.


Immune Functions

When the body is under stress, it takes a toll on the immune system. This berry has active ingredients that can increase central nervous system function.



Known as an anti aging herb Schisandra has been shown to increase the body’s ability to fight skin disorders and increase the health of your skin. With continuous use the berry has the ability to attack free radicals in the body that can damage liver cells. This free radical help aids in the the anti-aging properties.


This berry can be shown to aid in everything from anti aging and free radical raiding. If better skin, increased immune function, and stress relief appeals to you then supplementing with Schisandra may be right up your alley! SizeSlim Recovery provides the perfect amount of Schisandra to optimize your body’s functions. Take charge of your health today!

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