Arginine Benefits

Amino acids are an important constituent of the cells of the human body; in fact they form a major portion of the muscles, cells and all tissues of the human body. They are the major constituents of the protein content of the body. They are considered to be of prime importance in the functioning of muscles, organs, blood vessels, tendons and ligaments. No wonder, then, that they are called the building blocks of all cells.

What is arginine and what are some arginine benefits?

Arginine is one such amino acid, called L-arginine, because its structure is L-shaped; it is an important amino acid which has been defined as a semi-essential amino acid. It is also called the donor of Nitric oxide since it transforms into Nitric Oxide after entering the body.

The arginine benefits come from L-arginine, which is claimed to be:

> Anti-atherogenic: Atherogenic is a genetic mutation that leads to the formation of plaques in the arteries
> Anti-platelet: A set of medicines which prevent the clotting of blood as a result of wounds
> Anti-ischemic: A drug which helps in the treatment of Myocardial ischemia.

The various facts and claims about the arginine benefits are as follows:

> Improves the circulation of blood in the body thus benefiting the male sexual organ in case of erectile dysfunction; it also eases the pressure on the arteries due to this phenomenon
> It speeds up the healing of wounds and aids the muscles to regain their original form after a strenuous bout of exercise
> It increases the burning of excess fat during and after the physical workouts
> Since it turns into Nitric Oxide, it results in the reduction of Cholesterol levels
> It improves the supply of Oxygen and the circulation of the blood vessels connected to the heart.

The result:
Whenever arginine is consumed, or supplements which contain arginine are consumed, it results in the release of Nitric Oxide as it passes the kidneys. This results in the beneficial effects to the heart and in cases of erectile dysfunction in men due to the dilation of the arteries.
In athletes, and other persons who workout regularly and vigorously, the effect of consuming supplements is seen to be very effective since the nutritional supplements augment the effort of muscle building that the exercise seeks to achieve.

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