When is the best time to take a fat burner?

One of the most important parts of beach body preparation is how to get in the nutrition when it’s going to do the most to benefit our bodies. That means taking in the carbs, fats and proteins when they are going to effect the body and put it into a state for muscle growth.

This same truth holds true for when is the best time to supplement for it to be most effective for our bodies. You wouldn’t take a pre-workout late at night would you? Chances are, probably not. This same principle applies to many supplements that you may use. So when is the best time to take a fat burner?

When choosing a fat burner to help increase the affects of your diet and fat loss it is important to look at the ingredients to decide on the best times to take it. Much like pre-workouts and other supplements these are designed to be used at specific times of the day in order to have the desired effects.

The first part you have to look at is the ingredients that are in the products you chose. For a stimulant based fat burner you would have to first see what the stimulants are in the product. Usually the stimulant used is caffeine. This could be dosed anywhere from 0mg to well over 300mg. Some pre-workouts contain more than 3 cups of coffee worth of caffeine!

When choosing a stimulant based fat burner this is one of the most important ingredients to take into consideration due to how it can affect the body. The issue with these types of fat burners is the amount of stimulants they use to ramp up your metabolism. Someone with a higher tolerance to stimulants would not have to worry about how late they take these fat burners as they will have less of the stimulant energy affect on them. While someone who is sensitive to caffeine and other stimulants may find this feeling to be overwhelming.

When using stimulant based fat burners you should aim for the first dose to be first thing in the morning with the second dose 6 hours later. This will give the stimulants time to work their way out of your system and have your metabolism stabilize before ramping up again.

With the non-stimulant based fat burners, timing becomes a little more flexible. When looking at fat burners that use mechanism other than caffeine to aid the body in increasing metabolism or increasing thermogenesis, it is important to choose one that has some key ingredients.

Green Tea is one of the most used non-stimulant ingredient used for their EGCG content which also adds an antioxidant aspect. Tyrosine is another great non-stimulant ingredient used to help non-stimulant fat burners work on the body. Tyrosine is an amino acid used to help metabolize proteins. The amino acid L-carnitine is usually added to increase the breakdown of visceral fat in the system. Yerba mate is a century old herb that has been included in several fat burners for a kick of energy that it offers. Lastly, having an ingredient for thermogenesis such as black pepper or cayenne. These help kick up the heat in the body to help burner fat and decrease toxins through the sweating process. These ingredients are combined to give the full body spectrum of fat burning as in Burner+Energy.

The timing on a product like this is less strict as a stimulant product due to the lack of stimulants.  The first dose is always suggested for first thing in the morning. This starts the body on the road to burning fat from the go. The second dose can be taken a little more freely during the day when it suits the user more. For most mid-day works the best because it keeps the fat burning fires stoked.

There are a lot of supplements that you can use when trying to achieve that beach body for summer. From stimulant fat burners to the non-stimulant versions it is important to not only understand the ingredients that are included in the products and how they affect the body, but to also know the timing that will work best for you.

Whether your stimulant sensitive or like the rush of a stimulant heavy fat burner timing of these supplement is key. Each person’s timing will be slightly different and will have to be checked and tested in order to find what works best for the user. When run correctly these products can be very effective in increasing your results.

  • Apr 03, 2017
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