Rl-Alhpa-Lipoic Acid: Health Powerhouse!

It’s common to have a family with a history of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, or even diabetes. Unfortunately, there’s a possibility that some of these diseases could be passed on via genetics.


However, with natural antioxidants you may be able to minimize the risks of the disease from developing.


Think of antioxidants like an extra security that your body uses to take care of long term health issues that neither you or a doctor would expect in the future–completely programmed to defend your body.


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Antioxidants, like R- Alpha-Lipoic Acid, protect your body from the following complications: major cell damage, immune system impairment, degenerative diseases, and heart complications.


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Let’s get to the benefits of R-Alpha- Lipoic Acid.  Studies have shown that R-Alpha-Lipoic Acid provides the following benefits:


  • Alzheimer’s Disease

    • Crosses the blood brain barrier to remove harmful toxins from damaging the brain.

    • Improves overall brain health and function.

  • Tumors & Cancer

    • Helps prevent and reverse the formation of toxins in the arterial walls.

    • Reduce the size of plaque deposits in the hearts main arteries.

    • Reduce Inflammation, one of the key contributors to heart disease, stiff arteries and cardiovascular disease.

    • Induces apoptosis, a process that causes cancer cells to self-destruct and cease to grow.

    • Restrict the growth of mutated­–cancerous–cells.


In order to get enough R-Alpha-Lipoic Acid in your system, make sure to consume good amounts of brewer’s yeast, red meat, spinach, and vegetables. It’s very convenient to get R-Alpha-Lipoic Acid from a supplement with multiple herbs and amino acids­­. If R-Alpha- Lipoic Acid and L-carnitine are used together, they give powerful results for energy and reduce skin aging.


R-Alpha-Lipoic Acid and L-carnitine are just 2 of the 17 all natural, botanical ingredients found in SizeSlim’s Weight Loss Support!



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