Is Bullet Proof Coffee LETHAL or LIFESAVING?
Several years ago, a movement hit the fitness industry. This movement had people changing their diet and the way they worked their macro nutrients. Like adding something to your morning coffee which was a bit unconventional at the time.

    Adding ingredients such as grass fed butter or extra virgin coconut oil as an ingredient was in exchange for milk and sugar or sugar substitutes. The concept came about after several years of research done by Dave Asprey.

    Asprey was like many of us, he had issues with his diet, weight gain and energy level.

    Being the type of  person who would not accept the limitations he had, he decided to make a lifestyle change. From his research, he found that by adding extra fat into his diet, first-thing in the morning increased his energy production. 


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    As we know, the keto diet shows that fat can be used for energy when in ketosis, even in a small way. 1

    The question remains if adding grass fed butter or coconut oil is a healthy way to increase energy. There are two arguments on this subject:

    • One side states that the use of extra fat in the diet, if activity does not match this increase can effectively add unwanted weight and possible increases to cholesterol levels.
    • The other side states that these ingredients when added in proper ways, will be used for energy production and would not be stored in the body.

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    Which of these concepts is really correct?

      Dave Asprey has grass fed butter or coconut oil being added to his brand of coffee. This coffee claims to be free of mold toxins that are left in many other coffees on the market.

      Asprey claims that these "toxins in our coffee" can affect the way that not only the body functions but also the mitochondria that controls our system. As more of these toxins are introduced into your body, they can begin to affect other areas, such as our brain functions and even increase weight gain.

      The coffee the Bulletproof brand produces is toxin free and full of an antioxidant known as polyphenols. These antioxidants have the ability to aid in the removal of free radicals.

      Free radicals when left unchecked can cause oxidative damage to vital organs. Other additions to this lifestyle include increasing the levels of MCT oils by use of the grass fed butter, coconut oil, and/or his own oil concoction; which adds large amounts of Caprylic Acid.

      Caprylic acid is one of the two main acids that make up the fatty acid complex of Coconut oil. Straight Caprylic acid is used in this lifestyle mainly because it metabolizes faster than any other acid. Thus, giving you more energy production, with less remaining that can be stored as fat. 2


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      The other thoughts on this diet consists of dangers of an increase in cholesterol, and fat gain. In one study, the use of extra fat as an energy source (in this case used in tea), caused higher levels of obesity. 3  In another study, it showed the same people were found to have higher lipid levels, but lower cholesterol levels. Some could have been contributed to by the increase in altitude and how it can effect metabolism. 4

      The main concern is that we are adding fat to our diet, without adding activity to metabolize the fatty food. Which could be stored as body fat and cause more dangers over time.

      This is where making sure that you are increasing activity, along with any changes in your diet.

      This helps reduce the chances of weight gain. The other danger as we can see is the increase or potential increase in cholesterol and lipid levels. This also causes many other health concerns. When left unchecked these increases can cause health concerns such as cardiac issues.

      When looking at different diets and lifestyle options, you should look at all the positive and negative attributes of the lifestyle.  Depending on what these attributes are, you may have to make small modifications to better suit you and how your body works.

      Maybe you cannot afford $15 a pound for coffee, or maybe using some of the ingredients does not sit well in your body.

      These situations give you a chance to look further and read up on alternatives. Take the time to see what works best for you and let us know below in the comments how you feel about Bullet Proof coffee!

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