Healthy Nighttime Snacks

When the night comes and relaxation sets in, so does the late night hunger. If you do choose to snack, choosing the right snacks can help you stay true to your fitness plan. The best way to choose the right snack is to know exactly what’s going to work the best with your fitness goals. We will touch on a few healthy nighttime snacks options that are not only good for us, but may also help to promote lean muscle growth and weight loss!

A glass of milk before bed? Drinking warm milk before bed is actually a good choice! Warm milk not only has vitamins and minerals, but has proteins as well. Protein is a great way to keep the body from breaking down muscle through the night. The same can be said for cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is made with the casein of milk. Casein is a slow burning protein so that it feeds the body through the night. A substitute could be using a Casein protein powder with either water or milk. Another milk based food choice would be Greek yogurt. Greek yogurts are also very high in digestive enzymes and bacteria. This is a great addition due to its ability to add these helpful bacteria into your system. When choosing a Greek yogurt make sure you choose one that is made from whole foods and not loaded with sugars. A lot of these yogurts are loaded with sugary fruits and other things to make them more public friendly. Basic is always better and then add what you want to make it fit your plan.

Outside of the milk based choices there are still many different foods you can have before bed to increase the potential of your fitness program. Using foods that can be higher in fats can also be very helpful late at night. Choosing something like an ounce of almonds would be a wise choice. Besides the healthy fats that they offer, almonds also have a slower digestion rate and when paired with a protein it slows the release of amino acids to keep the body anabolic. The same could be said of the mixture of choosing hard boiled eggs and avocado. It may seem a little strange to mix the two, but eggs are a protein power house and the avocados high fiber and fat content make them a power combo. One could even make deviled eggs using avocado as the mayo substitute. Using this combo even gets the benefits of hormone regulation for the egg yolks.

The last power house snack is peanut butter. A favorite of the kids and very inexpensive. The trick is choosing the best one. Avoid low carb and low fat versions. The best to go with is natural peanut butter. This will also eliminate the extra salts that are in regular versions for flavor. You can even choose another nut butter that is natural like cashew or almond. Another option is sun butter, based from sunflower seeds for those that can’t eat peanut butters. Peanut butter is one of the great muscle building foods that people tend to miss. As long as kept in moderation the beneficial oils and fats in nut butters not only add quality carbs and fats to your diet, but they satiate as well. Placed on a piece of sprouted bread or mixed into a whey protein shake it is one of the best night time snacks you can have. For those that need the sweetness of ice cream a night. Mixing natural nut butter into low fat, low calorie whipped topping is a great way to make a peanut butter dessert.

When nighttime comes many of us tend to forget our diets in order to snack. These are the times when we have to be the strongest and most diligent. Choosing to snack wisely can make the difference between meeting our goals and not meeting our goals. Many of these snack choices will have varied health benefits as well, so make sure you’re choosing your snacks wisely and you will continue to reap the benefits and see results all while staying on track!

  • Apr 20, 2017
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