The idea of losing weight is tough for many people and the idea of cutting body fat, even harder. The truth is that there is no miracle pill or fast way to do this. The fact is that you have to use hard work, self control and 3 key factors for effective weight loss. By following these three factors you can accelerate you fat lose and achieve your goals.

Factor one is to start by being realistic. What is your weight loss goal and can it be achieved? Losing 30 pounds in a month is not realistic. However, losing 5 pounds in a month for the average person is. Shows like the biggest loser and celebrity fit club are not real. They have regimented diets, doctors and trainers, and many gain the weight back. The idea here is to make a change that will help not only help you loose weight, but keep it off. Set both long term and short term goals and understand that you may fail and that ok if you start again.

Factor two is to get on a good training program. If that means spending a little money on a couple of training sessions, DO IT. It’s better to start with knowledge and a good programs then spending hours in the gym and accomplish nothing. Find someone to write an effective weight loss program out for you. Follow the program and learn. Don’t be afraid to read up on how to change your program up and keep it fun.

Factor three is diet. The old school idea of starving one’s self to lose weight is out of date and is not an effective weight loss method by any means. The first thing you need to do is decide on your method. Carbs are okay! (You can read more on this subject here). Keeping healthy fats higher and unhealthy fats out of your diet. The best diet is keeping the diet clean. This means fresh vegetables, fruits, low fat meats like chicken and fish. Water is your best friend. You can even choose to add a energy or fat burning product to aide in your fat loss. Burner + Energy Fat Burner and Focus + Stamina Pre-Workout are great additions to your new healthy lifestyle to help you gain energy, and burn fat more efficiently!

Follow these three factors and you can get closer to achieving your goals. You can work towards the body you want and become a sexier you. For more information to guide you on your weight loss journey, check out more of our articles here!

  • May 17, 2017
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