Beat the Brain Fog with Nootropics

For many of us the first thing we do in the morning is brew a large steaming pot of coffee. Why do we do this? We need to wake up, get the systems moving and charge the brain. As long as this is kept at a normal amount coffee can have its benefits in your diet. Caffeine in the coffee is also great to speed up the metabolism.

What if there was a way to charge your brain and give it the ability to work longer and stronger without all the added coffee or energy drinks. The emerging market for something known as nootropics has taken on the energy drink market and offers more than energy. These nootropics have benefits in the gym, home, work and school and are becoming more mainstream.

What is a nootropic? To keep it as basic as possible a nootropic is a cognitive enhancer. This means it increases the connecting between what your brain does. This could include speech, motor control and sensory. In the beginning these were very popular with college students for study aids. Now many others are using them in daily life for their benefits with no harmful health effects. This made it key for students in the beginning to use for those late night study sessions.

So what makes nootropics so powerful? It’s a mix of the ingredients that can make or break these kinds of products. Caffeine is not a nootropic, yet many brands include this in their formula to give a rush of energy to the person using it. Using the caffeine in small amounts to start the energy process and add focus is great, but when too much is added (more than 150-200mg) there is the inevitable crash after. This can be offset by adding synergistic ingredients that can work with the caffeine and make it more effective. Without these synergistic ingredients added does not make for a great nootropic. The other corresponding ingredients need to be able to continue to give focus and energy throughout the day. This is where a good nootropic will show its usefulness to the user. Some of the following ingredients are added to SizeSlim Focus to accomplish this task and synergistically balance with the caffeine to give focus and energy.

ALCAR (ALC) or  Acetyl-L-Carnitine: This ingredient has so many uses. One of the strongest and studied nootropic ingredients due to its ability to cross the blood-brain barrier. ALC is also well known for increasing the synaptic abilities of the brain mostly involved with focus and perception. Other benefits include help in heart health and weight loss.

Theobromine: Found in cocoa this ingredient gives all the effects of caffeine without all the health concerns and with longer lasting effects. Theobromine is also known for its effects as an vasodilator which increases blood flow to the brain. This blood flow increases the amount of essential nutrients  and oxygen to the brain.

Theacrine: This alkaloid works the same way caffeine does but at smaller doses. When used at smaller doses it helps the body avoid the midday crash associated with may nootropics and energy drinks. Theacine is also known for reducing the effects of stress and anxiety and reducing inflammation in the body.


Noopept: Known as the nootropic to end all nootropics Noopept has a list of positive effects on memory, cognitive ability, leaning ability and verbal capacity. This powerhouse is the key to a great nootropic while also reducing stress and anxiety associated with daily life. Noopept is also known for its ability to protect the brain against stress damage.

Huperzine A: This ingredient is helpful in its ability to help transfer groups of information to the brain. By doing so it increases the brains overall ability to work. It has also the ability to improves short term memory and thought processes in adolescences.

Bacoside A: This ingredient is known for its ability to protect the neurons from oxidative stress as well as increase the level of calm and well being. It is used for its help in increasing intercommunication in the brain and increasing the speed and accuracy of the thinking process.

Nootropics which were once only thought of as a study aid have now become the forefront of many people regular supplement regimen. From their ability to help us think clearer to the protection and reduction from everyday stress. These are the real limitless pills that the world has been waiting for. With an exact list of the top ingredients and the addition of nootropic powerhouses like Noopept and ALC the SizeSlim Focus supplement is a win. Giving the user full effects with little caffeine and no crash.

  • Mar 30, 2017
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