5 of the Healthiest Dairy Products to Eat (And 5 to Avoid)

The Quick Dairy Reference Guide for Dieting & Weight Loss

When trying to cut fat and gain lean muscle, try to avoid the following dairy products:

• Soft Cheeses

• Pasteurized Cheese

• Artificially Colored Cheese

• Ice Cream

• Whole Milk

These items are typically low in nutrients, and high in calories, sodium, and fat.


ice cream high fat high calorie not size slim 


Instead, try to stick to dairy products that are low in fat and calories, free from artificial additives, and are easily digested.

Some good examples are healthy dairy products include:


Hard Cheeses: High in protein and calcium, low in fat


Non-fat cottage Cheese: high in protein and will curve your appetite (Try, SizeSlim Weight Loss Support for more appetite control.)


Unsweetened Greek Yogurt: high in protein and gut friendly probiotics


Organic Skim Milk: high in beta-carotene, vitamin-E, and omega-3 fatty acids


Goat’s Milk: similar to cow’s milk, yet it’s more easily digested.

 strawberry splash weight loss diet

You now officially have permission to eat your favorite Parmesan cheese and a cold glass of milk during your weight loss journey!

But, as with most things delicious, dairy should be consumed in moderation.





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