3 Benefits to B-Vitamins You Need to Know

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Take a look at SizeSlim Weight Loss Support and you’ll notice an ingredient called, “Inositol”. Inositol, a member of the b-complex family of vitamin, is known for its weight loss properties and is used as a powerful additive to many weight loss supplements. But, it’s far more than just a weight loss ingredient – it has a few additional benefits for users relating to general health…of both the body and mind variety.

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Cholesterol Reduction.

When dieting, inositol will keep your cholesterol levels low by increasing transmission of nerve signals and help transport lipids within the body. This is very important for healthy internal organs, blood sugar levels, and brain function.


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Mood Support.

Inositol has the ability to help you handle stress and anxiety. It’s been studied that symptoms of depression are lower than normal if your diet includes inositol.


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Promote Weight Loss.

Your body uses inositol for burning fat by metabolizing fatty tissues–allowing your muscles you to use body fat as fuel for energy. If you can’t resist a snack, good sources of inositol come from fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains. It can also prevent fatty-liver disease that is common in the obese and recovering alcoholics.


Fun Fact: If you’re a coffee drinker, caffeine will decrease inositol levels. So, it’s important that all of us “Coffee Joe” fans are supplementing inositol regularly!


Inositol is 1 of the 17 all-natural, botanical ingredients found in SizeSlim’s Weight Loss Support supplement!



  • Jul 03, 2017
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