Outdoor Exercises For You and the Family

Now that the weather is getting nicer and we have started on the path to greater fitness and health, it can become increasingly challenging to fit in your workouts with so many other activities going on in these upcoming months. So how do we make sure that we get some exercise in, plus make it something fun for the whole family to enjoy? Try some of these activities for a great chance to get the kids and yourself out and do something fun.


Nature Hike

Grab your bug repellant, some good walking/hiking shoes, and a camera and head to the nearest spot to hike. In most areas you can find a great place to hike that has animals and scenery alike. These are usually listed in county directories as parks and/or hiking trails. The long walks will seem like fun and give you plenty of fresh air while burning calories.



Parks have a host of things you and the family can do these days from walking trails, and sports areas to the jungle gym. Whether you (or your) child wants to kick around a ball or play on the jungle gym you can still get in a full body workout that won’t slow you down. The more you move the better you will feel, from the pulling up motions working your back and biceps to the climbing motions working legs and back. This is a fun full body workout that will be enjoyed by the kids as well as the adults. If kicking a ball or playing Frisbee is more your style then get ready to work those upper legs, glutes and calves. Either way you’re going to be burning tons of calories and making those kids smile.


Bike Rides

For those that want to travel more of a distance this exercise or fun activity is great for you. Get the kids suited up, grab your water bottle and pick a good fun destination. Bicycling is a great leg workout as well as some for the glutes. By setting destinations that are fun for the family, you know exactly how far you’re going and the kids have something to look forward to. Keep hydrated on hot days when cycling as it can be hard work at times.


Go to a fair

As long as you avoid the junk food and bring some healthy snacks this can be a fun summer trip that you can enjoy as well as the kids. During the warmer months many small town, village, and county fairs pop up! This is a chance to get out and see some fun things, play some games and sometimes listen to some fun music. The dangers here are all the fair food. Nothing may taste better than a fried Oreo or Twinkie, but is it worth the 500 plus calories you will ingest? Thankfully, most fairs they have picnic areas where you can enjoy your own foods that you can bring with you. So pack yourself a healthy bunch of snacks and meals and enjoy the day!


The beach

Even if you have not met all your goals to your summer body this is still a great day of family fun. Pack yourself a healthy meal and plenty of lemon or cucumber water to stay hydrated in the hot sun. Bring a beach ball to play with the kids or hop in a game of sand volleyball. Take the time to in the water as great exercise and stress reliever. Also being out in the sun will increase your D3 levels and help to improve your mood!


With summer here it’s time for us to take our slimmer bodies out for a spin. Enjoying the summer weather with our spouses and kids is sometimes as easy as taking a walk in the park. By being more active this summer and taking part in different activities you can have fun and stay on your Weight Loss target. Just know the foods at a lot of events, get yourself a good quality travel cooler and enjoy the weather while staying on track with your lifestyle!


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