5 Steps to Maintaining a Healthier Lifestyle

When you decide to make a change in your life there are a lot of steps and things that you have to consider, especially when making a change in your lifestyle. It becomes increasingly important to take each step seriously as you want to make these permanent changes and not just another thing you tried and didn’t work out. If you plan, take time, and focus on each step you can guarantee your success in any direction you choose to go. This is especially true when incorporating a healthier and active lifestyle.

Step 1:  Make the decision

This step sounds easy, but it’s not as easy as you think. Waking up one morning and saying “I think I will start eating healthier and exercising” isn’t what this means.

This means you’re making the conscious decision to say that you will take the steps that it takes to make the changes you need to make to change your lifestyle. By making the conscious decision to make this change you will find that you will be more successful.

This is also the point at which you will know how much you want to make the change to a healthier lifestyle.

Step 2: Set a long term goal

Now that you have made the decision to make the change, the second step is to make yourself some long term goals. These goals a usually set for 3-6 months and focus on what you want to accomplish in the long term.

This could mean things like “I want to lose 20 pounds or I want to take 3 inches off your waist”.  The reason that these goals are long term is that these changes are not made easily for most people and you may fail at first.

Mistakes are okay and should be taken as a learning experience. Even when you make a mistake it is important to refocus yourself back on your goal. If you cheat on your diet, learn how to adjust your diet so you won’t cheat next time. It becomes more about learning than beating yourself up over the mistake.

Step 3: Set short term goals 

Short term goals are made to keep you on the right track. Each short term goal should be set for no more than a month. They must also be realistic and achievable.

By doing this step it gives you small milestones to hit and you need to give yourself a personal reward as you meet each goal. These goals could be something as small as “I will eat healthy for the whole week and not eat chocolate.” When you achieve this goal you should reward yourself. That does not mean indulge.

A reward could be something as simple as a taste of chocolate. By creating small goals that you can be proud of reaching you set yourself up for success. After reaching a few of the goals you’re going to find that you enjoy the feeling of success and will work harder to reach the next goal.

Step 4: Plan

There’s an old adage that says “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.” This is very true when making lifestyle changes.  This means setting up a meal plan, exercise program, and even your supplementation.

Writing out your plan is one of the best ways to ensure you are staying on track. Other methods when planning a fitness lifestyle is to work on preparing meals for the next day so you stay focused.

For supplementation you can purchase a supplement plan that sets the guidelines and tells you exactly what to take and when. A combination like this will give you what to take and when for easy supplementation.

By planning each step ahead when something does not fit in the plan, you can easily adjust to meet that challenge. This would mean by having meals prepared so you can easily grab a container and take it with you.

Step 5: Adjust

As with anything you do in your life things will come up that cause changes to need to be made. This could mean changes to your schedule, a health issue or anything that affects your short or long term goals. This is when you  need to adjust.

Start at step 2 and think of how you can keep your long term goal. If you can then look at step 3 and see how this affects your short term goals and adjust them. There is nothing wrong with extending a goal or slightly changing it to keep yourself focused.

Lastly look at your plan. Maybe you need to prepare your food more in advance or arrange for meals that travel better. Maybe you need to increase the time of your workouts or change your supplementation. This is all reasonable to keep you moving towards your long term goal. This would be when you adjust and refocus.

When making any change in your life it is important to set goals, plan and adjust as you need. By doing this you can increase your success and set new better goals for you to achieve. This is very true when beginning a fitness lifestyle. There are going to be failures and success, but if you plan and focus on your goals in the end you will be successful.

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