10 Ways to Keep your Metabolism Running Optimally

As we age our body changes how it reacts to stress, exhaustion, and the intake of foods. The metabolism slows down with age and you may tend to gain a little extra weight and body fat and retain it longer, even with an increase in exercise. There are small changes you can make in your lifestyle to increase the rate at how our metabolism breaks down foods and uses them for energy. Here are ten ways to boost your metabolism and keep those extra pounds off.



The benefits of water are widely known as they help flush the system of waste and increase digestion levels. Research has also shown that ingesting 48 ounces of ice water a day can increase your metabolic burning capacity by 50 calories a day.



Fiber has the ability to help the body stay in balance and increase waste removal. Fiber also aids the body in increasing metabolic activity by as much as 30 percent day. The daily intake of fiber should be around 22-26 grams a day to keep the metabolism active and waste removal primed.


Vitamin D

Everyone known that one of the best sources of vitamin D is to be outside in the sun. Making sure your body gets its recommended daily amount of vitamin D is important to your metabolism as it has been shown that Vitamin D preserves metabolism-revving muscle tissue. The more tissue you retain, the faster it can increase your metabolism.



There have been studies that have shown that decreased levels of calcium can contribute to a slower metabolism. It has been also shown that consuming dairy based foods that are either fat-free or low-fat like milk and yogurt may contribute to decreasing fat absorption from other types of foods.



This is where Mom was always right when she said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Studies have shown that people who chose to skip breakfast in the morning are more likely to become obese in the future. Breakfast starts the metabolism off right so the body begins to burn calories and glucose from the first part of the morning. Studies have also shown that people who eat a good breakfast are less likely to snack or binge later in the day.



Caffeine is a stimulant that effects the central nervous system. Adding such drinks like coffee and tea can increase your metabolism up to 8 to 12 percent or around 150 to 175 calories a day. This can be contributed to both the caffeine levels of these drinks and in the case of tea the antioxidant catechins.


Go Organic

Some research has shown that the chemicals and pollutants that are present in non-organic foods can be stored in the fat cells of our body. This fat storage of chemicals can contribute to greater decreases in metabolism as we age. Possible reasons could be that the pollutants and chemicals interfere with how our body uses these foods for energy or that these pesticides can increase weight gain in some people.



Keeping protein present in every meal is important to keep the metabolism moving. Protein supports lean muscle which in turn increases calorie expenditure. Other studies have shown that adding protein increases post meal calorie expenditure by up to 30 percent.



Studies have shown that increasing ingestion of spicy foods such as habanera peppers and sauces like hot sauce can increase metabolism on a temporary level. This increase in metabolism is due to a thermogenic response to the body heating up. Using some kind of spice during meals on a regular basis can increase the thermogenic response to not only aid in weight loss, but also give the body a feeling of satiety which can also aid in weight loss.



One of the biggest errors people make when the diet is literally not eating enough. The first step would be to figure out how much food you need to intake a day to maintain your weight. Then make the choice to eat more to gain weight, or less to lose weight.

When you decrease calories too low the body decreases metabolism to maintain the energy levels it needs. When you’re eating the proper amount of food you can keep the metabolism running full steam.



Keeping your metabolism running at full steam is one of the most important parts of training and dieting. Without your metabolism running properly the chances of losing weight decrease dramatically. These small lifestyle changes can help to ensure that your body is running like a machine!

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