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Fiasp Insulin Review

Fiasp Insulin Review


1 month ago I began using the new Novo Nordisk insulin called, Fiasp. The general concept of Fiasp is that it starts acting MUCH faster than normal kinds of fast acting insulin.

The idea is to give diabetics the luxury of giving insulin closer (or at) meal times. The result is that instead of our blood sugars rising quickly after eating, now, our blood sugars will remain stable in the hour post meal. 

How does this work?

Novo Nordisk realized that by adding 2 key supplements to the normal Aspart insulin, they could increase the speed of insulin absorption dramatically! According to their website, they claim that insulin absorption will begin just 2.5 minutes after injecting...and from I can tell you, this is entirely true!

The 2 supplements they added to the mix are Vitamin B3 and an amino acid called L-Arginine.

Fiasp insulin vitamin b3 amino acid l-arginine

(Just as review, amino acids are wonderful and help the body do several critical things much better. In this case, the L-Arginine is used to speed up the effective absorption of the insulin. However, amino acids are also used to help with quick muscle recovery. That's why in our SizeSlim Recovery we added a healthy serving of Branch Chain Amino Acids in addition to HICA; another powerful amino acid to ensure speedy muscle recovery.)

The result

The result of adding the Vitamin B3 and L-Arginine is that the insulin begins to react in the body in just 2.5 minutes! Another interesting thing (and really important safety precaution to keep in mind) is that in the first hour of giving Fiasp, your body is essentially getting TWICE the amount of insulin. For this reason I tend to caution new users to be very careful when correcting highs because Fiasp will hit you fast, and hit you HARD if you're not prepared for that heavyweight first hour afterwards.

If you look at the graph below, you'll see the Fiasp graph in red and the typical Humalog in green. You'll see that the area under the graph in the first hour is MUCH greater for the Fiasp, whereas in the later hours you'll tend to be getting more Humalog than Fiasp.

Warnings - things to watch out for

For this reason, it's very important to note that Fiasp will not typically be as good at controlling sugars after eating a fatty meal. You'll see that the later hours have about 20% less active insulin when compared to Humalog. So be careful!

Just 9 minutes apart!

The hardware

This was one are of the Fiasp that I didn't like. The plunger is a standard flexpen plunger but without the "clicking" noise. Maybe I'm old-school, but I really like the click because I could tell just by listening if my insulin was actually delivered to my body. Instead it's just a silent plunge when you inject. It's still smooth, but I just can't be 100% sure that the insulin was delivered.

The other thing I really dislike is that the colors and design of Fiasp are almost identical to those of Tresiba. It could be very easy to confuse these two! Something to think about for sure.

fiasp triseba


Overall, I really do like the new Fiasp insulin. It acts quickly and is an absolute wonder when it comes to correcting highs. Since using it, I have not crossed 200 mg/dl once! That's incredible.

But, do be careful with Fiasp. If you over correct and don't have any food, you could really be in for a hard ride down to the bottom of the hill. SO, BE CAREFUL!

Two thumbs up for me, though!

All the best,


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  1. avatar Rob says:

    Have you tried Afrezza? It is very fast and has no tail.
    Insulin stacking is not an issue. www.afrezza.com

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